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About Dr. Brown

Dr Alistair Brown is a Consultant Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon working at the Royal Devon NHS Foundation Trust in Exeter and North Devon.

Alistair has expertise in all areas of dermatology. He specialises in prevention, diagnosis and management of skin cancer.


Alistair attended the University of Oxford before training in dermatology in the South West, UK, becoming a consultant in 2021. During this time he was awarded a research fellowship with the UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network. Alistair then completed a prestigious ACMS fellowship in Mohs Surgery and cutaneous oncology in New Zealand before returning to work in the UK.

Areas of Expertise

Cardiac Surgery Expert

Director of Cardiology Dept at

St. Francis Hospital

Skin Surgery

Medical Dermatology

Skin Cancer Diagnosis



Tel: 07838 293968



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